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Material below is derived from that publicly accessible on Sonning Common Parish Council website.

Cycleway Working Party

Led by SCPC Councillor Jonny Bidgood, a Working Party, has developed ideas for a safe cycling and walking route to link Sonning Common to Emmer Green, Reading.  Sonning Common Parish Council backs the project.

The objectives of the working group are:
To provide a safe, accessible, mixed-mode multi-use cycleway linking Sonning Common to the Emmer Green district of Reading, via a ‘Greenway’ route, alleviating the sense of "being trapped in Sonning Common’” unless one uses vehicular modes of transport.

Benefits of establishing the cycleway will include:

  1. The removal of sole reliance on vehicular travel between Sonning Common and Emmer Green, offering an Active Travel option with its consequent health and environmental benefits,
  2. A safe ‘cycle to school’ option for Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge and Highdown secondary schools,
  3. A safe ‘cycle to sport’ option to the Abbey Rugby Club sports facility,
  4. An interlink with Reading Borough Council Strategic Cycleway 3, as per approved Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP),
  5. A safe, improved and accessible gateway to the Chilterns for Reading residents,
  6. A safe, accessible alternative to the National Cycle Network 5 route, between Reading, Sonning Common and nearby villages in South Oxfordshire,
  7. The removal of traffic accident risk on the busy B481 which will be to the benefit of all methods of travel between Reading and Sonning Common,

Economic benefits to businesses in Emmer Green, Reading, Sonning Common and surrounding villages as a result of more cyclists, walkers and runners choosing to commute and/or exercise on a route currently considered by many to be too dangerous for active travel.

Costs and Funding
The working group is currently exploring various sources for funding the proposed scheme, including contributions from local councils, local and national businesses, charitable funding and individual donations. 

We welcome applications from potential donors and fundraisers.  Please get in touch if you are able to contribute directly or have the skills and experience of raising project funding in the public domain.

The Route
A number of route options have been researched by the working group.  A potential route runs to the west of the B481, from Kennylands Rd in Sonning Common to Chalkhouse Green Lane in Emmer Green.  The final route will be confirmed once agreements have been reached with landowners.
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The 2023 Survey - (Material derived from F-book)
You may well have seen and responded to our proposed cycleway survey - the results are in!
A fantastic 1,200+ responses were received with 98% positive in their support for the proposed cycleway. Given the amazing support, the working group is now exploring various sources of funding, including contributions from local councils, businesses, charitable funding and individual donations. We welcome feedback. ideas and new members. Please do get in touch via the Parish Office if you would like to get involved.

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