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The Sonning Common Cycleway group is campaigning for a safe, non-athletic bike route between Sonning Common and Emmer Green. This could equally appeal to pedestrians and users of mobility scooters.

Please complete the brief survey
Local residents are asked their views on plans for a cycle route between Sonning Common and Emmer Green, to connect with links to Reading and into the Chilterns. No identification information is collected.
See the Poster . . See the Henley Standard Article.
Complete the Survey on line, or ON PAPER in the Library, Grove Road.

The B481 Peppard Road is the shortest route but is problematic. Many people; existing cyclists, and potential bike riders young and old, would be uncomfortable on it. Parents may be concerned about their children using it. Some motorists may become frustrated when following the slower, more vulnerble pedeller.
Providing alternative infrastructure would benefit all parties.

A safer cycleway to link Sonning Common and Emmer Green was proposed in 2020.
The concept gathered momentum in 2021 with the formation of a volunteer Working Party approved by Sonning Common Parish Council.

Our website contains relevant non-confidential information.

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Wednesday 5th April 2023



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Resources created by SC.CW.


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(+NCN5v2) Existing On-road bike routes Click Map to enlarge - Existing on-road bike routes Sonning Common <> Emmer Green.
These are "servicable" but have various disadvantages. There is a clear need for something better, separated from traffic, either “on” or fairly close to B481.

People and Organisations - List of those who would benefit from a decent cycleway.

Shared use cycle track - B481 (near Herb Farm) - "Inadequate", see these extracts, or read original pdf.

Cattle Grids Vs Fencing - What's best?
Cattle Grids - In use on cycleways (Video 8:55)
Hypothetical Open route with Cattle-grids Vs all-fenced/hedged-in (Video 8:55)
Pros & Cons chart.

Info coming soon may include:- List - UK Cycleway schemes.

Other resources could include:-
A "Team-Members-Only" forum for confidential discussion and material (A typical Forum is here.)

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Section (a) Local items . . . (b) Biking related links. UK and international Cycleway Schemes, Cycling organisations, Cycle-transport-related items

Specifically local items
Sonning Common Magazine - Feb - Mar '21. SC Mag Feb-Mar'21 P5 or see original here P5.
Sonning Common Magazine - Dec '21-Jan '22. SC Mag Dec '21 - Jan '22 P13 or see original here P13.
If you know of any earlier ones, please tell us.

Chilterns Cycleway, starts in Sonning Common (BBC item)
Chilterns Cycleway, Map and descriptions. Go to Explore our Map, click Routes, click Chilterns Cycleway.
Reading Cycle Campaign - "... better facilities for cyclists in Reading, ... a network of safe cycleways ..."
Oxon Local Transport Connectivity Plan.

Biking related links, UK Bikeway/Cycleway Schemes, Cycling organisations, Cycle-transport-related items

Greenways and Cycleroutes. <<< Added 28/11/22 - Very interesting! <<<
Cycling UK (CTC). Aims to "enable millions more to cycle." - Advice for beginners, Insurance, and much more.
- Cycle Advocacy Network.
Sustrans A charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle:-
- Infrastructure Examples, Specs, Data,
- Greenways through green/rural areas,
- Streets for Everyone.
Making Space for Cycling A guide to insfrastructure design.
Quickways and Quietways OCC explanations of types of cycle routes.
Systemic Safety. The Principles Behind Vision Zero American look at Dutch infrastructure. Video 8:00.
Bicycle Dutch Excellent videos and blog. Brilliant examples of how it could be done in UK.
Sustainable Safety Vision 3rd Edition Explanation (Dutch infrastructure). Video 4:08.
Mini Holland Dutch-style cycle infrastructure in outer London boroughs. [More here].
Promoting Active Travel P.H.E. (Public Health England).
Chris Boardman compares cycling in Holland and Britain Video 4:51
The best roundabout design for cyclists?
Not Just Bikes Videos and blog.
The Conversation A game reduced reduced morning traffic by 53%.
Bike lights - What's best for your safety?.

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